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I have been drawing as far back as I can remember and using an airbrush on T-shirts and towels since I was about 14. With my two brother’s weekends being occupied by RC racing at a nearby track I realized how cool the different trucks and cars looked with the wide range of paint schemes. I jumped at the chance to paint their shells and have a new medium to display my talent. My first RC shell was finished July 2010 for my brother Mark and I am now hooked on a new hobby! I am always learning new tricks and techniques – striving to make every shell better than the one before.




I can airbrush R/C bodies to your order using name brand lexan paints such as Faskolor, Createx, Pactra, and Alclad II. I do simple two color paint schemes all the way to fades, streaks, flames, tribals, and carbon fiber effects. All of my shells are unique in their own way and not one is exactly alike. I prefer to add the headlight, grille, and blinker decals that come with the shell but leave that option entirely up to you. Your shell is then properly wrapped and packaged in a box or bag and hand delivered to the track or by mail to you. Trimming the body is an additional fee of $10.





As I have a full time job… this will affect the amount of time I have to get a finished body to you. I generally ask for at least 3 weeks to complete a paint job after receiving the shell. The volume of orders will affect order times but I will tell you a timeframe in advance and will keep you updated with progress. I take pride in my work and there are several steps in the painting process that just can’t be rushed. Of course, I will get it to you sooner if I have extra time!





I am currently located in Enfield Connecticut with my local RC race-track being RC Madness.





Prices may change due to complexity of design, materials used, or style of body so be sure to be specific in your description! Prices start at $85 not including shipping. To place an order simply contact my email (-) with your ideas and I will respond as soon as possible. I accept money order and paypal only and do not start the work until payment and the lexan body are received. If you want me to get started right away I can purchase the R/C body you want and add it to the final price. The price for shipping must be paid in advance as well.




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